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When you study magick you will have the misfortune to run into Wiccans. Now, as we all know, Wiccans are rather boring, self-righteous folk who in a previous life were all Baptist missionaries and never quite got over it. Well, some of them get seriously weird about magick and think that all a person has to do to defend themselves against people like us is to set up a static defense in the form of what they call a “ward.”
Now, a “ward” is nothing more than an area shield with a fancy name. Sometimes they visualize it as a wall, sometimes as a sphere, sometimes as a thorny wood, but its purpose is always the same, to block things that are sent their way.
Well, against psionics a ward is useless.
Here is how you break it.
First, you determine if one if present. This is done by either remote viewing the person and looking for it or by dowsing for it. If one is present, you proceed as follows.
Take the witness sample of your target and place it in the transmittal end of the machine. Now, write on a piece of paper, “ward” and place that in with the witness.
Now, take a rate for the ward of the target.
Balance the rate. This means resetting the dials by subtracting the setting from the highest number on the dial and then setting the dial to the result, so, for example, if the rate on a three dial instrument is 4, 7, 2 you would subtract each number from ten and get 6, 3, 8.
All you have to do now is let the machine work. Reset the balancing rate about once a week until the ward is dissolved without the target even knowing it. Then fire away. She will get an unpleasant lesson in superior technology.