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Hand Held Transmitter
For those of you fortunate enough to have read my books, this device is already familiar to you. To those of you so benighted as to not have, hang your heads in shame and then build this simple mechanism. It's a conversion of a walkie-talkie to a psionic transmitter unit.
1 walkie-talkie, cheap, 100mw will do nicely.
2 screws
1 length of speaker wire, about 4 feet (1.3m)
4 alligator clips
1 length of posterboard long enough to make a headband around the forehead.
1 square of foil
2 brads (paper fasteners)
Take the walkie talkie apart and find the points where the speaker/microphone is wired to the amplifier.
Cut a short length of speaker wire and strip the ends.
Wire one end of the wire to the microphone leads.
Drill two holes in the casing of the walkie talkie (carefully) for the two screws.
Insert the screws part way so that the tops are sticking out of the casing.
Wire the other end of the speaker wire to the screws.
Put the walkie-talkie back together.
Make the headband so that it fits over your forehead and put the two brads through next to each other and spread the tines of them on the inside of the headband.
Glue the foil square on the inside of the headband so that it makes contact with the brads.
Strip the insulation off the ends of the speaker wire and spread the wire.
Attach the alligator clips to the wire.
Attach one end of the speaker wire to the screws of the walkie-talkie.
Attach the other end to the brads.
Put on the headband so that the foil square is over your third eye.
Turn on the power of the walkie-talkie, push the transmit button and hold the message you wish to send.