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Thought Forms
A thoughtform is a clump of psychic energy that is programmed by its creator to perform a specific act or carry specific information which can then act upon the psychic field of others. They go by various names, such as psiballs or constructs but they are all basically the same thing.
Ok, got that. It’s really very simple. You make the thing, give it some instructions and then place it by an act of will into a location where it will do what it is supposed to.
The first thing you have to do in creating a thoughtform is to have an idea what you intend to do with it. This is very important because if you do not have that, there is no point in going through the exercise.
The next step is to put the energy together. This is done by a number of methods, the two most common being visualizing the thoughtform in place or creating it between your hands and then sort of letting it go to the desired place.
Visualizing it is pretty easy once you get the knack. You simply sit and close your eyes and see the thoughtform coming together in the chosen location. Then you see it filling with light to charge it.
Creating one between your hands is also easy. Sit with your hands about six inches apart in front of you and visualize a ball between them. Pump energy into the ball until you feel it pulsing between your hands. You will really feel it. In fact when I do it, it pulls my hands in and out.
In either case, as you charge the thoughtform, instruct it to perform the desired action.
If you have put the thought from in place, merely let it sit there and occasionally recharge it by visualizing it and then visualizing a charge of light going into it, instructing it as you do that.
In the case of one created between your hands, just let it go and forget it.
The difference is the one you have visualized in place is designed to keep broadcasting over a period of time, and this is used for long-term projects, such as absorbing energy from the people in a room, or influencing people in the room. A hand-fired one is usually for a very specific, short-term goal, such as getting someone to send you money.