Charles W. Cosimano

Excerpts from the ebook:

"Being a study of the magickal art of planets and spirits and how they may be used most
effectively for the benefit of the magician and those whom he wish to benefit along with
him as well as causing destruction and wreck to those whom the magician does not
like, copiously illustrated with divers colors and drawings."

"I began as a magician. I studied the Kabbala before Madonna was even heard of. I
summoned demons to my service and aid while still a boy. I created talismans and
used words of power unheard of before or since. And I did this for years before I hit
upon psionics.

But I came to psionics by way of magick and thus never fell into the trap of thinking it a
hard science, for such was the error of its founders. Even now there are those who
tape pictures printed from a digital camera to a computer screen with a moving gif and
think that they are somehow doing science. Well, let them. We know better.

Psionics is magick and magick is not a science, it is an art. It is the way of making
things happen that would not happen any other way. It is the way of wonders and
miracles and things that go boom in the night. It is the power that speaks to truth and
truth gives way before it. It is the creation of reality.

And it is a power that all can wield if they are willing to take the time and trouble.
Fortunately, with psionics, that time and trouble can be minimized.

But this work is a grimoire, which means it is concerned with two aspects of magick, the
evoking of spirits and the powers thereof, and the use of talismans to contain and direct
those powers to serve the ends of the magician. It makes no pretense of spiritual
advancement. It is purely concerned with earthly ends and human ends. You will not
become enlightened from this but you will be as God, beyond the need of knowing good
and evil.

With this book I return again to my magickal roots. It will be a fusion of the hermetic
traditional and the psionic anti-traditional, bringing out the best of the old world to
redress the balance of the new. In it I will go beyond the general techniques of Psionic
Magick and the small section on sigils in Psionic Power. And in it all I will not forget the
words of Marlowe's Faustus, "A sound magician is a mighty god."

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