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Psionic Repeater
One of the big problems people who get into psionics encounter is that there never seems enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs doing. Even with the capacity of these instruments to transmit on their own without the operator watching, there are times when you want to be sure that your specific thought message is going out.
Fortunately there is a very simple way of doing that. You put it on tape.
One of the things we absolutely know about psychic energy is that electromagnetic waves act as carriers. You can send a thought over a wire, over a beam of light, over a radio signal. You can even record it on magnetic tape. I know this sounds bizarre, but it is true. In my early days of working with this idea I hooked myself into a tape recorder much the same way as I am about to describe and concentrated on one word. I then gave the tape to a friend who hooked herself to her cassette recorder, played the tape back and then spelled out the word on a Ouija board. We progressed with this until we were able to send messages back and forth on tape.
Now this system is not so much for that as for adaption to radio transmission. So you will need:
A headband like the one described for use with the simple radio adaption or the psionic amplifying helmet.
A patch cable with a 3.5 mm plug on one end and two alligator clips on the other (usually easily found at Radio Shack)
A cassette recorder and blank cassette
The first thing you have to do is decide what it is you wish to send. In this case, let us assume you are going to visualize a new car. Now you could do this very simply without any special equipment, but you never seem to have time to just sit and hold the image. There are too many things to do at home, too many distractions.
This being the case, you make one time to sit for about a half hour and just visualize the car you want, what it looks like, what it feels like the drive, the annoyance of your mother-in-law because she wants you to spend the money on new furniture, all the fun things that come with a new car.
Hook the alligator clips to the foil plate on the headband and plug the wire into the microphone input on the cassette recorder. Set the machine to record and sit and do your visualization for the length of the the tape, in this case 30 minutes.

After you have done this, when you get home plug cable into the earphone jack of the cassette recorder and attach the clips to the screws sticking out of the walkie talkie. That's why they are there in the first place, to attach things. Turn on the walkie talkie and clamp down the transmit button. Then all you need do is play the tape while you go about your other business and the signal will automatically be put out into the aether to bring you the result you desire. Repeat this as often as you wish.
This system can be used with any form of visualization or message transmission. Experiment with it and see what you get.