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Simple Transmitter
Most people when they come into contact with psionics or radionics for the first time are terribly intimidated by the seemingly complex nature of the instruments, to say nothing of the cost of buying one. But the truth is that radionics is very easy and a psionic transmitter can be built with materials that are usually found in every home and easily acquired if not.
To make this instrument you will need:
1 portable FM radio with extendable antenna.
1 sheet of aluminum foil
1 packet of posterboard
a couple of feet of speaker wire and 1 plug that fits the earphone jack of the radio. You can use an old earphone plug and wire for this. Just cut off the earphone and strip the ends of the wire leaving the plug in place at the other end.
6 feet (2 m) of ordinary wire
6 alligator clips (at any hardware store).
1 plastic can lid.

Leave the radio intact. There is no need to take it apart or do any tinkering with it.
Cut 2 squares of foil about four inches across and do the same with the posterboard. Glue the foil squares to the posterboard squares.
Cut a one inch (25mm) wide strip of posterboard long enough to fit around your head at the forehead with enough left over so you can glue it to the right diameter.
Cut a small square of foil (about 1 inch or so square) and glue it to the inside of the headband so that it rests firmly against the center of your forehead when you put it on.
Cut the wire into two pieces, about 1 foot and five feet in length. Strip the insulation from the ends of the wire and attach one alligator clip to each end.
Attach alligator clips to the ends of the earphone wire and plug that wire into the jack.
Attach a foil square to the earphone wire clips.
Take the other foil square and attach clip it to the 1 foot wire and clip that wire to the antenna of the radio.
To use the machine, get something of the person or place you are going to transmit to, like a photograph (a newspaper photo works quite well.)
Place the plastic lid on top of the plate at the other end.
You set the tuning on the machine by turning the tuner knob of the radio while gently rubbing the plastic plate. When you get a stick (and you will know what this is, it cannot really be described) stop turning and repeat the procedure with the volume control.
Once you have that, clip one end of the longer wire to the plate with the witness on it (that's the picture or whatever of the target) and the other end to the foil square on the headband.
Now, all you have to do is put the headband on and think real hard at the target, visuallizing what you are sending as clearly as possible.
Repeat as needed until the desired result occurs.