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Photos As Witness Sample

We've had to redo our ideas about witness samples, particularly photographs as witnesses because the use of digital images has proven that all the old notions of them were wrong.
Let me explain. In the old days, like about ten years ago, it was assumed that a photograph carried something of the energy of the subject, like anything else that had been in proximity to the person. It worked something like this. The reflected light off the subject acted as a carrier wave to bring the energy to the chemicals in the negative. This negative then transferred the energy, again by light, to each print and copy of the photograph that was made. That is why there was always the instruction to keep the negative of any photograph you used as a witness and it was assumed that a newspaper photograph would go back to a negative on file in the morgue of the newspaper publisher.
Well, we were wrong. Digital photography uses no negative. A digital picture is merely a recording of a collection of 1's and 0's, there is no place for any energy to be stored from the subject, much less transferred.
So what is going on? Well, we do not know for sure, but I think it works something like this. The image on a photograph creates a psychic link between the consciousness of the operator and the subject. It makes a connection on a purely mental level and that is why digital photographs work as witnesses. This means that the old ideas can be discarded. There is no need to store old negatives, no need to worry about the age of the picture. All that is needed is the picture and the link is established.
So you can still steal the soul of a person using a digital camera, a thought which will be comforting to missionaries all around the world.