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" 'Tis thine alone, with awful sway,
To rule mankind and make the world obey, Dispensing war and peace, thine own majestic way." Vergil, The Aeneid.


Power exists to be used or it is not power at all but merely a theoretical construct. And the use of psionics is an exercise of power. It is neither a Socratic dialogue nor a theological disputation. It does not triumph in lecture halls nor does it on the pages of professional journals. No conferences are held in its honor. It is merely the exercise of the will, imposing that will upon both nature and our fellow humans, bending them to our will and, quietly, without any fuss, calmly and unemotionally enslaving the human species while giving it the illusion that it is free to make its own decisions.
Let us begin by understanding that there are two great illusions that beset humanity. The first is the illusion of safety, of security, the notion that locked doors and uniformed fools with tin stars, their bellies stuffed with donuts, can protect them from the dangers that stalk the night. Yet all it takes is a few minutes on the evening news to reveal how foolish this notion is. And psionics, with its capacity for action without interference of fear of retaliation, is not halted by locks or deterred by tin stars.
The second illusion is that of universal freedom. Yet for some to be free, others must be unfree. The advocate of censorship must herself be censored in order to keep expression unfettered. The politician who acts in a way inimical to certain interests must be removed from office. When we act to maximize our freedom, we must recognize that we do it at the expense of the freedom of others and we must learn not to be bothered by that. Logic has no place in running the affairs of the world. For one to live it may very well be necessary for another to die. That is the way of the world and it does no good to yammer about the value of, or right to, life in such circumstances. Freedom for one may very well mean slavery for another.
In such a world, it is not a question of balancing rights and responsibilities, for responsibility is a word used by the weak in the hope of controlling the strong, nor is it a question of balancing conflicting rights. There is no balance. There is merely the force of one power overwhelming another, lesser, power. And let there be no mistake. Power is not granted, nor is it ever exchanged. Power is seized and wielded, without conscience and without mercy. The ability to perform an action with impunity is the right to perform the action and should or should not do not enter into the equation.
Let there be no mistakes in this. If something can be done, it will be done. No amount of preaching, moralizing, handwringing nor legislation can stop it. Human energy, in the final analysis, recognizes no law, no morality, no authority. It is unstoppable.
Psionics is a manifestation of that energy. It is a means by which the human will is imposed upon an unwilling humanity and ultimately upon the cosmos itself. If one is able to use this energy unburdened by petty considerations of morality and justice then one is free to accomplish whatever one wishes.
Remember the old saying, "If an ant gets in your way, step on it."