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The Magnetron Machine

The Magnetron was, and is, a device used to propogate microwaves of a certain series of frequencies. It was invented during the second World War as part of an aircraft radar system and, in essence, is a large, cylindrical copper block with holes and vanes cut in it. This shape does something to the microwaves which is totally mysterious to everyone who does not make a living working with such stuff and for our purposes totally irrelevant except that it is good to know where some of these names come from.
In the 1950s, a pair of French radisthesists, the Servanx brothers, had an inspiration, something rather rare in France. They looked at the cross-section of the magnetron and wondered if it would do anything with a pendulum. Well, to their joy, amazement and several bottles of cheap table wine, they learned that the pattern of the magnetron would act as a psionic amplifier.
From there it passed to the inventive hands of Christopher Hills, who while a bit of a nut (as most of us in this field tend to be) figured that if he added magnets around the outer circles he could boost the power of the pattern. That discovery of his, when I learned of it, became the innards of the Psionic Amplifying Helmet.
From there I decided to try an experiment of my own. I took the pattern and put tuning dials in the outer circles, thus creating a tunable magnetron.
The instrument is used by placing a witness of the target along with anything else you wish to send to it in the center circle, as in any amplifying pattern. The tuning dials are then set to the rate for the combination and the machine is left to run.
To make this device, you will need:
The pattern.
A foil circle for the center.
8 rotary potentiometers (value unimportant)
Connecting wire.
1 screw and nut.
1 box.

Open the box. Take the lid and glue the pattern onto it.
Glue the foil circle to the center circle of the pattern.
Punch holes in the center of each of the outer circles to mount the potentiometers.
Punch a hole in the center of the central circle for the screw.
Mount and wire the potentiometers as shown in the interior design.
Close the box.