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A Simple Transmitter

A Simple Light Machine Transmitter Ok, this is as easy as it gets (and I would love to see some bureaucrat think he can control this one). To make this device all you need is: 1 six-volt lantern and battery A psionic amplifying helmet or any other headgear that can connect you to the system such as the headband from the radiobox. A sheet of aluminum foil a patch cable with a plug on one end to attach to the helmet and alligator clips on the other to attach to the sheet of foil. To use:
Place the lantern standing up on the sheet of foil and clip the patch cable to it. Plug the cable into the jack of the helmet. Place the witness of the target onto the end of the lantern so that when the lantern is turned on the light will shine directly onto it.
Now all you need do is put the helmet on, turn on the lantern and think. See how simple psionics can be?