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Along the years of accumulating and putting to use knowledge on Magick,Radionics,Psionics,Psychotronics & Psychic Power Uncle Chuckie wrote a range of printed books which were very expensively sold in the range of hundreds of dollars each.
Now that we're in the Information Technology Era there are tremendous benefits!
You can now order his e-books directly from this web site and start to discover what you didn't know about Psionics, Radionics, Psychotronics, Remote Influencing, Remote Viewing/Spying,
His techniques have been used by hundreds of people worldwide for a long time.
He reveals methods for healing, manifestation, psychic battles, revenge & influencing people & situations. His simple approach can make an expert out of any beginner who wants to experiment. Even established experts are struck with awe on uncle chuckie's advancement in these areas.