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This is a simple psionic device based on a combination of an audio amplifier and a quartz crystal . In essence, the telepathic signal from the operator is sent through the hand holding the instrument to the hand electrodes which carry it to the amplifier. From the amplifier it goes into the antenna and crystal and thence to the receiver. This unit has been proven to be a very effective tool for instant telepathic work over long distance. Its portability and unobtrusive appearance make it perfect for carrying in the car or purse. Basically, it is the walkie talkie unit modified with a crystal wrapped in magnet strip replacing the antenna.
It is also adaptable as an amplifying unit for other psionic equipment in the Cosimano series by the simple means of plugging a cable from the output of either the helmet or box into the jack of the device.
Power source: 9 volt dc
Amplifier: 100mw audio amplifier
Antenna length: as this is a telepathic amplifier and not a conventional radio system, the antenna length is irrelevant and may be quite short.

Use of the device:
This is an extremely uncomplicated instrument to use. All the operator need do is hold it in either hand and concentrate on the message being sent. Because of its compact size it may be pointed easily in the direction of the receiver.
When using this instrument in healing work, it should be held within a short range of the part of the subject being treated, less than 1 foot, but should not be touching the person. The unit is turned on and the healing force will naturally balance out any stress in the affected area.
As you can see from the schematic Figure 1, the instrument has a very simple internal layout. The energies from either the hand of the operator or the instrument are put into the amplification system and then sent to the antenna which is attached to the crystal. This amplified signal is then transmitted by the will of the operator to the intended receiver.
In practice, the instrument can be used in three ways:
1) as an independent, hand-held psionic amplifier.
Figure 1

2) as a directional antenna used in conjunction with the Psionic Amplifying Helmet.
3) as an antenna for a psionic system.
Now take a look at figure 2.
The hand electrode is placed in such a manner as to rest tightly against the palm of the hand. In most cases that is the right hand of the operator as that hand is usually the emitter of psychic energy. However, in the case of some people, the left hand fulfills that role. You can easily determine which hand to use, but holding a pendulum (which can be as simple as a key attached to a string) over the center of the bottom of a piece of paper and asking which hand is the emitter. If the right, the pendulum will swing towards the right upper corner, if the left, the opposite. If you have any problems, merely make a mark at the two corners as an aiming point for the pendulum.
In either case, the palm of each hand contains a minor chakra. And the hand is connected to the brain by the same nervous system as the rest of your body, so anything you send out from your brain will come out the hand. (Incidentally, if you want to have some fun, try sending a short telepathic message to a person the next time you shake hands. The results can be quite interesting.)
Figure 2

This information is then given a boost by the amplifier circuit. Some operators go to great lengths to increase the power of their amplifiers, attaching psionic instruments to their stereos for example, but the actual power of the amplifier does not seem to matter very much. I have had results from the other side of the world using a 100 mw system. So while the amplification does something, it is not related to wattage.
After passing through the circuit and acquiring the added virtue of it, the signal runs through the antenna into the crystal, which is part of the antenna system. The interior structure of the crystal acts as a final amplifier to the signal and gives it a general boost on its way to the subject.
If you use it in conjunction with the psionic amplifying helmet, the connecting cable is attached to the the binding posts on the top of the hand resonator and then plugged into the helmet,
When used in this way, the hand unit acts as an antenna for the helmet. Now you have already guessed that the helmet has its own antennae and crystals so why the hell would you need the hand unit in the first place? Well, the answer is that the hand resonator acts as a directional antenna for the operator.
Think about this. You see something with your eyes, but if you really want to emphasize it, what do you do? You point at it with your finger. The very act of pointing places your consciousness on the target, almost like a cross-hair sight. The hand resonator fulfills that same function. The act of pointing it fixes the target firmly in your mind as you think at it with the helmet. But there is more.
As you send your message, the amplification of the helmet is multiplied by the amplification provided by the hand unit. Therefore, you get the same transmittal effect as you would have from either the helmet or the hand resonator alone, but with greatly increased power output, for unlike the purely electrical effects of an electronic amplifier, the amplification system in these units is psionic and therefore increases the power of your message tremendously.
In use, the helmet picks up the mental signal as always , but instead of merely sending it out as usual, it pushes down the cable to the resonator, which is also picking up the same information by virtue of being held in the hand. The resonator is pointed at the target, and the information, the thought that is being sent travels along a straight line, like a laser, to its intended target.
You can readily see the advantage that this system has over the usual forms of crystal wand devices. By combining the tuning capacity of the helmet, along with its amplification abilities, and the power output of the hand resonator, you will have a very effective, portable system.
The resonator can also be used as a powered antenna for a radionic box system. In that case the helmet is wired to the box and after all the relevant information has been input (the rates in other words) the resonator is then wired to the box by means of a patch cable. In this case, the transmit button is strapped down to make working the device easier.
The radionic box and helmet are tuned to the rate for the target and used as normally, the message being sent through them. The resonator at the end of the system adds an added boost to the transmission.
As you can see, therefore, the Cosimano Hand Resonator is a very useful and effective psychic tool and one which no one should be without.