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The Magnificent Psionic Ray Shooting Flashlight

We know that psionic energy can be carried on a light beam. If this were not the case photographs would not work as witness samples because a photograph is nothing more than a chemical or, now, electronic reaction to reflected light. Given this simple fact, it is possible to construct a psionic ray gun using nothing more than a flashlight.
Begin by procuring, without haggling mind you, an ordinary flashlight.
When you get the flashlight home from the flashlight store, take the batteries and your radionic box and set up the box for the rate for whatever you wish to shoot out of the flashlight.
When you have that rate, place the batteries on the output plate of the box and hook your headgear into the input.
Now think. Visualize as best you can that which you wish to charge the batteries with. See the batteries as empty vessels being filled with a light that contains the energy of your desire.
Repeat this several times until you know that the batteries are filled. Use the 0-100 dial on the console pattern in your notebook to test the batteries. When you get a high reading, you know they are ready.
To use the flashlight ray:
Place the batteries in the flashlight.
Point the flashlight at the witness of the target.
As you turn on the light, feel all the energy of your purpose flowing out of you through the flashlight and traveling with the light to impose itself on the target. Continue this until you feel that you are emptied.
Turn off the light.
Repeat as necessary.