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This system was developed to meet a very specific need, namely to block out external psychic interference while at the same time forcing the body and its responses to get out of the way so a more perfect concentration could result. It is useful for any circumstances that need extreme concentration.
You will need:
1: A straight-backed armchair. (a lawn chair will do if necessary.)
2: an amplifying pattern click here for pattern

3: aluminum foil:
4: material to make a headband with (if you do not already have a Psionic Amplifying Helmet. If you do, use the helmet where the instructions say headband)
5: brads
6: a few six foot lengths of wire with alligator clips
at each end
First make the headband with a strip running along the top of the head. push a brad through at the point where the strip touches the crown of the head so that the points come out the top and the head of the brad touches the head. Glue a foil circle over the head of the brad.
Make a foil contact plate for under the feet. This is done by gluing a piece of aluminum foil to a sheet of posterboard.
glue the amplifying pattern to a sheet of posterboard and push a brad through at the center of the pattern. Glue a sheet of foil to the base so that you have a sandwich, the pattern, the posterboard and then the foil at the bottom.
Wrap a piece of foil around the chair arm where the palm of your right hand will rest so that the hand will lay on the foil.
Lay the pattern on the floor or a table near the chair and attach the pattern to the foil on the chair with a wire.
Place the foil plate so that your feet will rest on it while you are in the chair.
Attach the foot plate to the headband by clipping a wire from the foot-plate to the ends of the brad on the headband. If you are using a helmet, clip the wire to the end of a patch cable (such as you would use to connect the helmet to the radionic box) from the jack on the helmet.
Have your assistant strap you nude into the chair as follows.
Your arms along the chair arms so that your right hand rests on the foil electrode.
Your waist and upper body strapped to the chair back to keep your spine erect.
Your feet strapped together at the ankles
Your legs strapped together just above the knees.
Once you are tied to the chair, have your helper place the head-band or helmet on you so that the foil touches your crown chakra and set the timer for one hour. Then ask the warden to hold your hand (sorry about that)... . All you have to do then is concentrate on transmitting your own signal.