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About Radionics, Psionics & Psychotronics

Uncle Chuckie is a well respected Pioneer of Radionics, Psionics & Psychotronics. He is known by hundreds worldwide for his bold, accurate & on-target teachings.
Famous Radionics Magician Charles Cosimano shares his techniques on using patterns, sigils & symbols to cause notable changes and influence on situations, people, agriculture and much more. This is the only place where you will get all this information INSTANTLY!
Using knowledge from all of these books I was able to pull off a large business deal, get some revenge on a competitor, make sure the man who robbed me got a long sentence. The list goes on as I continue to use this knowledge to advance in areas of my life where I thought there was no hope. John, Bulgaria Within a couple of days I was able to influence someone who owed me a considerable sum to pay me back. Stuart, London
The guides and illustrations in these books make it so easy to practice this powerful art. It just shows what amazing things are available to us in our world. Simple yet powerful methods, techniques and instruments which anyone can build easily to engineer reality to their liking. Cooper, NY
I now use thoughtforms daily and charge them with energy with the devices I built to bring me in large profits on my investments. I've seen a considerable increase in my overall portfolio since I started to read all these books on your site. Jane, Europe.
I've been into Psionics & Radionics since the 70s. Charles Cosimano's work provides excellent background on these vital fields that have been hidden from common knowledge for decades. Gabriel,Sweden
Radionics / Psionics / Psychotronics: Some will differ slightly on the exact meaning of these three words. The bottom line however, is that all three accomplish the same thing. Radionics / Psionics / Psychotronics are ways to cause change in an environment (in your own life or the world around you) using Instruments of Power. This can be accomplished remotely (at a distance) and at the speed of thought!
His work has inspired the entire Radionics/Psionics/Psychotronics field to evolve and grow into a very formidable force!